Photo Booths: The Budget Savior

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Let me set the scene: You are planning your wedding. You are obviously looking to make it the most memorable experience ever. You want everything to go exactly as planned. You have been to other weddings before and have decided upon items and ideas you thought were great. There is only one major thing that is probably holding you back from having the absolute wedding of your dream….budget (naturally). How much is that going to cost? Can we fit it into the budget? How much will the alternative cost? How much can I save? Will I save even anything? I am here to explain to you why you can still have the wedding of your dreams while not really compromising on items you wanted just because of the price tag.

Crunching the numbers, we all know that weddings are expensive. The great thing about photo booths is that they are not humans. They will not get hungry. They perform regardless of the atmosphere. With that in mind, let me explain where the monetary benefit comes into the equation.

Here is a list of the main items you normally would want at your wedding: Entertainment, Photographer, Videographer, and Party Favors.

I won’t go through pricing as I will assume you already have ranges on those for the aforementioned services.

What if I told you that you can achieve a mix of all of the aforementioned items into one compact package and price? That’s right. Our photo booths are here to rescue you. Let us start with this comparison before you start calling us liars.

What do photo booths do? What do photographers do? They both take pictures.

Disclaimer: I am NOT suggesting to abandon photographers (Rob Hines Entertainment has some great photographers!), but what I am suggesting is that photo booths can work seamlessly along WITH photographers to capture all aspects of your wedding. Would a photographer normally capture grandma kissing the best man on the cheek while holding a prop sign which reads “I came here for the open bar?”…my guess is probably not. Pictures are meant for preserving memories. Which is a segway into my next proposition, the party favor. Which item are people more prone to keeping after your wedding reception: (1) chocolate almonds in a bag with the wedding couple’s name on it or (2) a customized photo strip which contains multiple photos of themselves having fun at your wedding along with your name and date? Exactly. For this part of your wedding budget, I can tell you that YOU CAN substitute a photo booth strip for a party favor and no one would think twice.

Entertainment seems like a given because everyone knows that photo booths are fun! People just seem to gravitate towards them. Our booths offer so many high tech options that it makes it almost impossible to sit in your seat the whole night without at least coming over to check it out.

Finally, the last item that you will get with our photo booths is basic videography. When guests step inside our photo booths to take pictures and videos, you will be surprised at the heart felt statements you receive. We offer up to 30 seconds worth of video feed each time a guest enters the photo booth, which is more than enough time to tear up when you watch your grandmother tell you how much she loves you.

Just to summarize for you. Our booths are an all-in-one money saving machine. To inquire about our booths available and options please call (347) 204 – 0263.

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